Yoga and Meditation Classes in NJ


Michele Maltese has been practicing yoga and meditation since age sixteen and teaching since 2011. The following are a small sampling of her students' reviews.

Michele Maltese yoga

I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with so many wonderful people through the years, and I thank them for their many kind words.


  • I have had the pleasure of practicing yoga with Michele for over 10+ years. Not only is she an incredible teacher, she is an authentic human being and a great friend. What I have always loved about her classes are her readings (dharma talks) and how she tailors the practice to each individual. Throughout both of my pregnancies I have been able to continue practicing with Michele as she modified the poses for me so that I could continue practicing safely.

    My 8 year old son has also come to the classes with me and has been able to practice with Michele. She also offers yoga for kids and he also attends those classes with her and absolutely loves it. She is fantastic with the little yoginis! I am incredibly grateful to have crossed paths with Michele many years ago. Her classes have been a true blessing!

    Kristy de la Vega
  • My 5-year-old daughter absolutely adores Michele's children's yoga class. Michele connects with each one of her students on a personal level. Her way of teaching makes it exciting and fun to learn the art of yoga at a young age. I myself have been a part of her adult yoga classes as well as her incredible Singing Bowl sessions. What I love the most about the way Michele teaches is that she makes sure everyone is at the level they are comfortable with but if she knows you can handle a challenge in class she will give it to you to try. Her passion runs through her and rubs off on you, once you are done with her class you feel like you can take on the world!

    Gabby M.
  • I’ve been practicing yoga with Michele for more than 5+ years. Michele is amazing! She is a great instructor…guiding each yogi with skill, patience and kindness. Her sessions provide individual attention to help you develop your form, time to relax and meditate, and opportunities to listen and share. It’s a great hour of self-care!

    Donna Marino, Davis & Co.
  • Every Saturday morning, I start my day with an online Yin yoga class with Michele. Whenever I am in New Jersey, I always look her up for a yoga class or two, and she never disappoints. Her energy and spirit leave me calm and refreshed. Her caring and attention to detail always bring me to that higher spiritual place. I love the way she guides the class through each pose. And, of course, my physical self always thanks me!

    Linda H., Florida
  • Have an amazing class with Michele! She is warm, welcoming, and open. She is a teacher who inspires me. I felt more connected to the universe and at peace after taking her class. Highly recommend.

    Lucilla I.R., New Jersey
  • Michele creates a genuine connection with her students, and her teaching style flows with grace and strength. Her joyful energy and enthusiasm for the practice come through in all of her classes.

    Maria K., New Jersey
  • I like the way Michele shows up for life. She comes across as very real. There is a transparency to her which is openly shared in her class and dharma talks

    Eli.S., New Jersey
  • I feel like I just took a life shower!

    Mike B., New Jersey
  • I always look forward to our Tuesday night class with Michele after work! Her class is much more than yoga--not only does she push you to the next level, she focuses on your physical and mental well- being--from breathing exercises and meditation to her words of wisdom and reflective stories. No matter what level yogi you are, Michele finds the right balance for you.

    Courtney S., New Jersey
  • Michele’s classes are my weekly release. I can let go of any stress or emotional baggage I have and focus on my well-being. Not only do I get a great workout, but I also get Michele’s words of wisdom, Each week is a new mind and body experience.

    Christine B., New Jersey
  • For a yoga newbie, Michele encourages a perfectly balanced practice where you’re comfortable trying something new and feel encouraged with each small step..

    David P., New Jersey
  • For one hour every week, Michele helps me breathe and stretch away from my stress. I leave our classes feeling stronger and more energized, not just physically but emotionally as well.

    Darlene H., New Jersey
  • Michele’s yoga class is the best way to end a workday! It’s the perfect balance of exercise and reflection. And Michele’s calm, happy spirit is contagious.

    Breana Van R., New Jersey
  • Michele is an amazing yoga teacher! She tailors her classes to her students' needs and always makes everyone feel welcome. The classes are just the right balance of posture flow, balancing, and relaxation--and her dharma talks are great too. She is a kind, thoughtful, and wonderful person. I highly recommend practicing with her!

    Patty D.
  • I entered the world of yoga approximately five years ago, tired and yearning for some healing. I had taken a couple of classes but felt nothing had clicked yet. When I first took Michele’s class I knew this is exactly what I was searching for and couldn’t be more grateful five years later. I have gone through many transitions and throughout them all, yoga with Michele has felt like the foundation that had kept me pushing forward. Her classes are very well-rounded with all aspects you can ask for. There is the physical component which is a perfect mix, depending on the class, of gentle yet challenges you in the best way.

    There are the dharma talks which somehow are always what I need to hear to get me through the day. The way she describes the poses and the practice has given me a deeper understanding of yoga which makes it all the more enjoyable. And then there is Michele’s patience and understanding of what her yogis are needing in the moment. Michele is compassionate, empathic, kind, knowledgeable regarding yoga, and by far the best yoga teacher I have come across. Since working with Michele, I have found an inner peace that is priceless! My mind, body, and soul thanks her!

    **Update 2023**
    This is an addition to my previous testimonial. I felt it important to provide an update because all of these years later, the work I have done with Michele continues to vibrate through me and into the hearts and minds of others. I am now a mental health therapist since 2017. As mentioned in the original testimonial, the work I did with Michele got me through a very difficult graduate program to become a therapist. Little did I know that the words she shared in her dharma talks and the way she helped me to move, accept, and appreciate my physical body, emotions, and mind, would continue to help me navigate through being a therapist. I find myself continuing to utilize the things she taught me in not only my personal life but also my professional life. It is a beautiful experience to be able to pay it forward. Through this healing work I am able to be a more empathic, compassionate, and mindful therapist and human being and I could not be more grateful for that. Thank you Michele!

    Donna M., New Jersey
  • I have practiced yoga with Michele for several years. When we come to class, she always greets and welcomes everyone. Class begins and ends with a reading and her shared thoughts to help us center and meditate. During class, Michele will suggest modifications to poses, so the practice meets everyone’s needs. She accommodates the comfort level of all, having the option of Zoom or in-person classes. When weather permits, class is held outdoors in her spacious, beautiful backyard. I find practicing yoga with Michele helps my body and soul. Michele is not only a wonderful, expert yoga teacher; she is a fellow Yogi. I hope you’ll join us!

    Barbara B., New Jersey
  • Michele Maltese previously worked at Bloom Yoga as a yoga teacher from September 2014 thru March 2020 until the studio shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During her six years of employment at Bloom, Michele became one of the most loyal and dependable employees and one of the best yoga teachers at Bloom.

    Michele was one of the most reliable employees at Bloom. Anytime someone asked for a favor or if there was a problem with the studio (computer not working, problem with heat or AC for example) she was always there to help find a solution. Michele always arrived extra early before her classes began to ensure the studio was set up properly and she always tidied up and took care of the props and studio after class as if it were her own home.

    Within the six years of teaching at Bloom, Michele’s classes became one of the most attended yoga classes. Her classes began to fill up and she developed a large following and loyalty from students. From a gentle yin class to a vigorous vinyasa flow class, Michele is knowledgeable in all schools of yoga. She brings a certain calm and balance to her classes that leaves students feeling cleansed and refreshed. Her gentle yin classes bring a relaxing element to the class while her vinyasa flow classes help fire up the tapas within us and gives students that little extra push! Overall, Michele is a great person inside and out and that is reflected through her work ethic and her practice of yoga.

    Evelyn B., former owner of Bloom Yoga
  • Michele Maltese is the best yoga instructor I have ever had. Her kind and gentle demeanor make all her students feel relaxed and comfortable. She begins all her classes with an inspirational message that lifts your spirits. She is mindful of her students abilities while finding the balance between preventing injuries and challenging thoses who can endure a more rigorous class. I always look forward to her classes and her uplifting personality. I highly recommend anyone looking for a new yoga instructor to take her class. You will love it!!

    Robyn F., New Jersey
  • Michele Maltese is not only an amazing instructor, she is an amazing person and I always look forward to her classes. I was lucky enough to meet Michele four years, at Bloom Yoga studio in Fair Lawn, at a point in my life where she was precisely who I was meant to find. I had never practiced yoga before, and she offered a safe and nurturing space where I immediately felt at home.

    Michele is funny, caring, dynamic, and authentic. She meets everyone where they are and adapts her classes to serve all levels. Like the perfect classroom teacher, she also makes the core principles and tenets of yoga accessible and completely relatable to everyday life.

    Christine C., New Jersey
  • When I started classes with Michele I was new to yoga. She gave me the confidence to learn and grow in my practice. She has helped me go beyond the physical practice and into the deeper meaning of yoga

    Caren F., New Jersey
  • I took Michele’s class during my teacher training program and it was a breath of fresh air. She is so down to earth and relatable. She brings lightness, fun and truth and she gradually incorporates practices into class that make you forget that you are doing a challenging pose.

    When I began taking classes with Michele, I thought to myself “Yes! That is the kind of teacher I want to be.” She brings humor, fun and realness into every class. Michele makes you feel welcome and her approach is non-judgmental. If you feel intimidated by the practice of yoga, Michele’s teaching style will erase those beliefs and replace them with an “I got this” way of thinking.

    Our bodies all need different things on different days. She’s incorporated yin into the level 1 classes that I began taking with her and it showed me that you can practice yoga styles in eclectic and fun ways to get what you need most exactly when you need it.

    She alternates between the use of music, literature, personal experiences and silence. Michele’s yin yoga classes get to the heart of the practice and allow for getting to know yourself and listening to your body's responses.

    It’s incredible because she brings so many jewels and gems to class and you just know she has years of experience. The thing is Michele’s humility, innocence and youthfulness shines through in every class so it definitely makes you wonder how she gathered all of this information and where does it all come from.