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Meet Michele

Michele has practiced yoga since age sixteen, and taught yoga since 2011. In addition to Hatha and Vinyasa Flow, she is a Yin Yoga teacher and teaches Children’s Yoga.

Michele Maltese, Yogini
Your yogini, Michele Maltese

Freedom! Freedom! FREEEE-DOMM!” Richie Haven’s raspy voice roared. Along with the intense jutting guitar and rhythm of the bongos, this was my favorite song on the album Woodstock. Maybe, even as a young girl listening to my father’s albums, I had a knowing that freedom would be the most coveted and cherished principle in my life. It’s no wonder that in numerology I am a life path 5, whose key word is Freedom.

Freedom is the most important and essential foundation in our life. When we are healthy, we feel free. When our mind is clear and we are not weighed down by heavy thinking or the ”monkey mind’, we are free. When we surround ourselves with good people who celebrate us, eat nourishing food, and dwell in nature, we are free.

The vision of Freedom Healing Arts & Yoga is to bring lightness, ease and freedom to all.

We place the highest value on freedom in body, mind and spirit. Freedom to be completely yourself and be in love with that person. Freedom to express and live your beliefs, personal and body sovereignty and autonomy. All in a judgment free zone.

The mission of Freedom Healing Arts and Yoga is to empower you through yoga, movement, sound, community & self study. To open the body, move energy & blockages, enjoy peace of mind to achieve ultimate freedom.

We give deep gratitude for all of these practices and their various lineages. We are honored they have been passed down to us for use in our healing and growth.

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